Courses taught by Lab Members

KIN 3126W: Sport and Exercise Psychology

This course adopts a foundations approach to theory and research in sport and exercise psychology. Sport and exercise psychology encompasses the thoughts, feelings, and behaviors of people in physical activity contexts such as competitive sport, fitness, rehabilitation, and recreation.

KIN 3136: Mental Skills Training for Sport

Lecture and experientially based course focusing on mental skills training strategies (e.g., imagery, goal setting, relaxation, cognitive restructuring, motivation) for enhancing sport and physical activity performance and personal growth of athletes, exercisers, and patients.

KIN 5375: Youth Sport Science

This course addresses a healthy, long-term developmental approach to competitive sport participation among children, youth, and adolescents through the multidisciplinary examination of scientific evidence in all kinesiology subdisciplines and the exploration of contemporary issues facing youth sport.

KIN 5720: Special Topics - Sports Performance Psychology

This course presents a theoretical approach to psychological skills, methods, and self-regulatory skills in sport and exercise contexts and addresses ethical, legal, and certification considerations for mental skills consulting in sport and exercise settings.

KIN 5723: Psychology of Sport Injury and Rehabilitation

This course uses an evidence-based approach to understanding the psychological, behavioral, and social bases of sports-related injuries and rehabilitation processes and explores counseling and mental skills training strategies used by sports medicine providers and sport coaches for injury prevention and recovery.

KIN 8126: Sports Medicine Psychology

Advanced seminar course examining multidisciplinary contributors to sports medicine psychology, defined as theory, research and practice in the behavioral and social aspects of injury prevention and injury experiences among physically active populations across the lifespan.

KIN 8980: Graduate Research Seminar in Kinesiology

Seminar course examining multidisciplinary research dimensions and providing professional development opportunities for Kinesiology and Sport Management graduate students. Seminar topics cover research ethics and skills, enhance professional development, and provide opportunities for presentation experience and community building.

KIN 8696: Internship-Applied Sport Psychology

Supervised internship for advanced level graduate students in sport and exercise psychology; emphasis on educational sport psychology approaches to athletic performance enhancement and psychological adjustment to sport injury.