About the Lab

Sports Medicine Psychology encompasses multidisciplinary theory, research, and practice in the psychological, behavioral and social aspects of injury prevention and injury experiences among physically active populations across the lifespan.

Our Sports Medicine Psychology Lab group studies psychological and social factors that relate to sport injury risk, response, and recovery, such as cognitive and emotional responses of athletes to anterior cruciate ligament injury, psychological aspects of sport concussions, narratives of emotional response to overuse injuries among runners, and gender patterns in sport injuries.

We currently have research studies underway in the following broad areas: sport injury psychology, sports performance psychology, and youth sport psychology. School of Kinesiology faculty, graduate students, and undergraduate students collaborate with internal and external partners such as orthopedic surgeons, athletic trainers, sport coaches, and youth sport managers in developing and executing these projects.


Undergraduate research assistants Samantha Adler and Aly Myers analyzing qualitative data under the direction of Dr. Sarah Espinoza, a 2020 graduate of the School of Kinesiology at the University of Minnesota.


Grad students Andrew White and Kristin Wood, visiting scholar Victor Rubio Ph.D., and lab director Diane Wiese-Bjornstal Ph.D.

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